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Have you noticed how most famous companies use either Explainer Videos, Intro Animation or Logo Animation? Why is that?

All three have similar but different purposes. But all three can be used to generate more Awareness and more Conversions.
Here are the Top Reasons why we and our clients use Explainer Videos, Logo Animation and Intro Animation for their Marketing Objectives.

1. Explainer Videos ​

  1. They’re concise. First off, explainer videos are concise. In the words of Robert Weiss, “Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” They’re generally only a few minutes long, which means your customers won’t have an easy excuse to bail early. Writing for such a concise format can be difficult, but the end result is a message that’s short enough to really hit home with your audience.
    hey show a problem and a solution. 
    Video progresses linearly with time, which means you can show a chain of causality from problem to solution. Illustrating how your products or services solve a customer need is incredibly valuable for securing more conversions. You can accomplish this through written content, but it doesn’t have the same effect.
  2. You can get creative. The best explainer videos are ones that aren’t afraid to creatively experiment. You can write jokes into your script or play with innovative animation features. You can even include some interesting music in the background; this is your chance to give your audience a memorable video watching experience. According to David Levy, Nuvakhov’s business partner and COO of LNC Productions, “a video that surprises people, or otherwise delights them, will stick with them indefinitely. It’s a chance to get inside your customer’s mind and stay there if you have the right creative team to make it happen.”
  3. They can be used anywhere. Once you make an explainer video, you can use it in a number of different contexts. You can keep it on YouTube, you can embed it into the homepage of your site, you can use it as a feature of your landing page, or even incorporate it into slideshow presentations. They’re short and universal enough to transfer easily.
  4. They’re an approachable medium. Though there’s a slight learning curve, explainer videos are an approachable and learnable medium for marketers. You don’t need to spend years studying them or thousands of dollars to make one. That’s probably why 65 percent of marketers are planning to increase their video marketing budgets.
  5. They’re useful for new and old customers alike. Even though the primary function of an explainer video is to reach new audiences, they can be useful for established customers as well. This is especially true if there’s a learning curve with your products and services; the explainer video can serve as a kind of tutorial. As Savannah Stewart explains, “many of us have become more comfortable learning visually. Delivering information on a product, service or company through video can help to keep your audience’s attention longer and make what you have to say more easily understood.”
  6. They’re adaptable. Because they’re short and relatively easy to edit, you can switch things around quite easily. For example, if you launch a new feature, you can add a few extra seconds at the end of the video to promote it, or if you want to experiment with different music or a different narrative, you can.
  7. You can show your brand personality. You can let your brand’s personality shine throughout the video; you can write it in the tone of your script, include visual styles that reflect your character, and even choose a narrator that best represents your brand “voice.” In fact, more than a third of all video marketing budgets are now directed toward branded videos.
  8. You can show off the benefits first-hand. Thanks to the visual and running nature of video, you can show off the benefits of your product or service first-hand, such as with a brief product demonstration or a walkthrough of your software. This helps people see what they’re buying and will put many of their doubts to rest.
  9. You have a chance to prove your worth. Explainer videos also give you a chance to prove your value as a brand with visually represented statistics, video testimonials, or the mention of some big brands you’ve worked with.

2. Intro Animation

Your logo is one of your most important brand assets. It makes you recognizable and it’s the first thing people see when they come into contact with your brand. It’s also one of your most used assets in marketing, whether it’s on your website, your social media profiles, company memos and official stationery, product packaging, or anything else related to your company.

And if you’re a marketing-savvy company, you probably know that videos should be a part of your marketing strategy. But did you know that you can spice up your promotional videos by using an animated version of your logo?
In this article, we’ll take a look at reasons for using an animated logo, share a few places where else you can use it, and show you a few resources for creating your very own animated logo.

Four reasons why you should be using an animated logo

1. It raises brand awareness

The primary purpose of a logo is to create brand awareness. When you opt for an animated logo, you’re creating a more memorable image in your customer’s mind. In most cases, logos are static images and it may take several interactions with your brand for the customer to make a permanent connection. But with the clever use of animation, your entire brand comes to life through motion, sound, and color. More often than not, an animated logo will immediately create an impression in your customer’s mind, thus increasing the brand awareness.

2. It’s unique

An animated logo has better chances of connecting emotionally with your ideal target audience by contributing to the overall story behind your brand. Through the use of the colors and the sounds used in the animation, an animated logo conveys the vibe of your brand instantly. It also has better chances of keeping the viewer’s attention for a longer period of time. Considering how much content we consume on a daily basis, capturing and keeping the attention of your target audience is no easy feat. But with an animated logo, that problem is significantly reduced and you will be miles ahead of your competition.

3. It adds consistency

As a brand, you’ve probably invested in promotional or explainer videos for your product or service. You can add a more professional feel to any of the videos used in your marketing by adding an animated version of your logo as an intro or outro. It adds consistency and reinforces your brand image over and over again.

4. It’s inexpensive

It’s no secret that marketing expenses can get high pretty quickly. To stay on top of the game, you have to come up with new marketing material and be willing to try out new strategies. That can quickly eat through your marketing budget. But an animated logo can be used in many different ways and it’s a one-time investment that you can use for years to come.


3. Logo Animation

Have you noticed how most famous companies use either Explainer Videos, Intro Animation or Logo Animation? Why is that?

All three have similar but different purposes. Here are the Top Reasons why you might need this type of advertising for your Brand. For example Intro Animation is one of the best ways to create Brand Awareness for your business. The easiest way to remember a brand is to see it in action. There comes Video!
Studies show that its easier for most people to remember a brand if they see it in action. In two words if they see it in a video.
Video is the top one way to bring Awareness for your brand.